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3+ years

supporting seasoned female consultants and educators. I know the importance of creating with legacy, ease, and well-being in mind.

75% increase

in sales within 3 months post-launch on average. Good design boosts your bottomline. bottom line I'm serious about designing things that drive sales.


at a time to ensure top-tier personalized support. Leveraging technology well is easy when it's set up in a way that works for you.

Devonnae Williams Brand & Web Designer Brand Peace Co

Guiding Principles

Create to better communicate

Optimize for ease & joy

Prioritize service to grow

Steward it all honorably

You might be curious how I got into this...
I didn’t start my career in this field (partly why my approach is so unique). In college, I studied psychology and sociology, focusing on the connections between belongings, beliefs, and behaviors. Then I worked in support and administrative roles in a variety of industries. I learned how leveraging the right tools and processes can drastically improve how well a business delivers its promises.

I enjoyed contributing to every team I got to be a part of & always left them in a better position than when I started. But, as my family packed up for yet another move, I realized if I wanted to grow within one company and have control over my time regardless of where we lived - I’d need to create the company myself.

I had an interest in web design I’d been developing on the side for years. I had experimented with different tools, platforms, and techniques in my free time and even taught myself to code. One day a family member said she was starting her private practice and showed me the logo she’d had professionally designed. I came back to her later that day with alternative options that I knew would be better suited for the web. She liked them all so much she hired me to create her brand and website - and Brand Peace Co was born.  

I bring that same forethought and initiative to every project I work on to ensure my clients’ business has all it needs to succeed. I also bring my organization, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to helping you reach your vision and goals in a way that supports your wellbeing.

Some of my fave things...


Places I've lived

Chai Latte & Water

Favorite Drink

90s neo-soul & Motown


Spontaneous Dance Breaks


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